Micah Ian Wright and The Centre for Constitutional Rights (with an introduction by Kurt Vonnegut and Foreword by Howard Zinn), 'You Back the Attack, We'll Bomb Who We Want. Remixed war propaganda.'

IssueMarch - May 2004
Review by Martyn Lowe

This is a book which has three separate - but related - parts to it. It starts with an essay by Micah Ian Wright entitled “Moment of Clarity”, in which he writes about his experiences in the US military during the invasion of Panama in 1989 - something which made him question the aims of US foreign policy, and which eventually led him to his remixed poster project.

The most striking part of this work is the remixed (mainly) US military propaganda posters taken from WW1 and WW2 and the early Cold War years. These have been redesigned into posters which show the truth behind the US Ministry of Homeland security - ie that the real agenda is one of military adventurism abroad and stifling human rights at home.

Each of these posters has a commentary by the Centre for Constitutional Rights, which make some very telling points on how the US is lurching politically to the right, about US foreign policy aims and practice, and about the workings of the US Patriot Act.

The appendix gives details on the original posters used in the works.

Even if you're not interested in the remixed posters, you should read this work for just what it says about what has been going down in the US over the last couple of years.

Topics: Media, War and peace
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