Peace News 2022 appeal

Dear supporters,

With the ongoing war in Ukraine, a devastating cost of living crisis, more and more climate disasters around the world, and the very real prospect that a nuclear weapon could be used soon, these are very frightening times. But these times are also giving us opportunities to make a determined stand, and to press harder, for peace and justice.

Here in Britain, we definitely need to resist a new wave of austerity – but the aftermath of the Truss-Kwarteng 'mini-budget' also gives us an opportunity to press for cuts in military spending, to enable us to fund public services and a Just Transition to a zero-carbon economy. The criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine has had a devastating effect on the people of Ukraine and raises the risk of a wider war. It is up to us to insist on the need for a negotiated peace – which Ukraine and Russia came so close to agreeing in Istanbul back in April.

In all of the gloom, people need to hear about what we're all doing to counteract all this. We need to hear helpful and hopeful voices that can support us and educate us and inspire us – and dare us to do better. That is what Peace News has been aiming to bring to the peace movement since we started in 1936. That's what the current PN team have been trying to do over the past 15 years or so.

In the last year, we've put out content that we've felt was important to share, including our special pull-out section on the supreme court's amazing Ziegler decision (as well as our detailed coverage of the Colston Four acquittal), and lots of coverage of Ukrainian and Russian nonviolent resistance to the war. We've also tried to put out information and analysis to counter propaganda – in relation to the war in Ukraine, and to try to create a more balanced perspective on the next official enemy, China. Alone in the mainstream or alternative media, we've provided the much-needed context of Western nuclear threats against non-nuclear opponents, an important 'hidden' story. We've also organised some valuable online public talks, including two with national treasure Paul Rogers of Bradford School of Peace Studies.

We hope that you value what Peace News does for nonviolence, for peace and social justice and for climate justice. In these very difficult times, even the smallest donation makes a difference to us – if it's possible for you to give more, we would appreciate it so much. Please help us to keep going despite some daunting rises in printing costs and postage rates!

Thank you!

Claire, Emily, Emma, Gabriel and Mil
The Peace News team

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