1 February 2023News in Brief

On 16 December, the high court in London ruled that a group of anti-HS2 campaigners who tunnelled next to Euston train station should face a retrial.

Originally, charges of aggravated trespass were thrown out by Highbury magistrates’ court in October 2021 (PN 2657). District judge Susan Williams ruled that HS2 Rebellion could not have been disrupting construction... because construction hadn’t started at the time the tunnellers were evicted.

The high court has now…

1 December 2021News

Eastern leg of high-speed rail project (mostly) cancelled

Along with some fine acquittals, the campaign to stop the carbon-intensive HS2 high-speed railway line chalked up a major victory on 18 November.

The government announced that most of the eastern section of the project would now not go ahead after all. Instead of running from Birmingham all the way up to Leeds, the eastern arm will only stretch 40 miles to East Midlands Parkway station, south of Nottingham.

A spokesperson for Stop HS2, Joe Rukin, said: ‘The cancellation of the…

5 July 2021News

Last occupier removed after 31 days underground

On 26 February, the final occupier came out of a tunnel under Euston railway station in central London. Bradley was taken away in an ambulance, having spent 31 days underground.

The tunnels were dug under an anti-HS2 protest camp which was set up in August in Euston Square Gardens, outside Euston station.

The aim of the Tree Protection Camp was to stop the felling of the trees in Euston Square to make way for new taxi ranks for the new HS2 terminus. Half the Gardens had already…