2 July 2012Feature

April’s Symposium on Nonviolent Movements & the Barrier of Fear brought dozens of activists and researchers from around the world to Coventry.

The first thing that really struck me about the ‘International Symposium on Nonviolent Movements and the Barrier of Fear’ was that it was really international. It brought together activists and academics from Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sweden, South Korea, Palestine, Kenya, Israel, India, Hercegovina, Germany, the UK and the US – and that was just in my first small-group discussion! Apart from the World Social Forum and the War Resisters’ International Triennial, it was the most international event I…

19 April 2012Blog

Peace News' co-editor Milan Rai photographed some of the participants at the "International Symposium on Nonviolence Movements and the Barrier of Fear", held 10-12 April at Coventry University.

Who can you spot?

19 April 2012Blog

Text to follow soon!