cost of living

1 August 2023News in Brief

Plans to hit consumers with higher electricity and gas bills to help energy companies with current and future unpaid bills have been scrapped after a campaign by Debt Justice (formerly Jubilee Debt Campaign).

£2.3 billion of household energy debt has built up during the cost of living crisis, some of which is unlikely to ever be paid back.

When 2,000 Debt Justice supporters told an Ofgem consultation it should be the companies that have profited in this crisis who bear the…

1 October 2022News

Cost of living protests in 50 towns and cities across UK

1 October saw huge protests against the cost of living crisis: national strikes by three rail unions – and by postal workers – involving tens of thousands; the blocking of four bridges in London by the Just Stop Oil climate and social justice coalition; and rallies and marches in 50 towns and cities across the UK by the new union-backed social justice coalition Enough is Enough.

1 October also saw the burning of energy bills in 20 towns and cities by local Don’t Pay groups. (Don’t Pay…