Features in issue 2538

Voice of the People: An interview with the Hankyoreh

by Taesun Kwon

Taesun Kwon, the executive editor of South Korea’s non-corporate national daily newspaper, talks to Peace News

Where next for radical media?

by Emily Johns, Brian Dominick, Anne Beech, Michael Albert

Rebellious Media Conference contributors Anne Beech, Michael Albert, Brian Dominick and Emily Johns respond to some questions from Peace News

The Propaganda Model

by Alison Edgley

In time for the PN-initiated Rebellious Media Conference, a brief guide to the classic analysis of the mainstream media by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman, co-authors of Manufacturing Consent.

Go, move, shift!

by Charlotte Potter-Powell

Charlotte Potter-Powell examines the purpose and effect of solidarity actions at Dale Farm as the barricades rise higher around the Travellers’ site in Essex.

Afghanistan: truth from the embers

by Milan Rai

A call for all anti-war activists to expose three lies about the Afghan war

The big red cross

by Lillian Lyons

Lillian Lyons, wife of imprisoned conscientious objector Michael Lyons, describes why he refused the “learning to kill” course.