The appeal of low-impact

IssueMarch 2009

Low Impact Development (LID) is an approach to creating homes and livelihoods that works with nature, using natural construction materials, renewable energy, and Permaculture design principles. Since its formation in August 2005, Lammas has sought to create an exemplary LID in Wales to demonstrate what the approach has to offer: building affordable homes, boosting rural economies and increasing biodiversity. As well as nine smallholdings and a community hub building, the Lammas Eco-hamlet will provide a base for the wider LID movement.

Lammas has been developing its ideas for the site at Pont-y-Gafel, North Pembrokeshire since 2006. Everything seemed perfect: the site is south-facing and Pembrokeshire is the first county in the UK to have a comprehensive Low Impact Policy.

Indeed, Lammas helped shape that policy. Despite tailoring its planning application appropriately, however, Lammas was twice rejected by Pembrokeshire County Council. Having been delayed for over two years at the local level, Lammas is now appealing to the Planning Inspectorate for Wales. The result should be known by the summer.

Meantime, Lammas has purchased 76 acres of the site, so tree planting and other preparatory agricultural work can commence. Lammas has also helped produce a book: Low Impact Development: The future in our hands.

Topics: Green, Housing
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