Issue: 2507

March 2009


By Emily Johns, Milan Rai


By Cedric Knight

The Drax 29, who in June had obstructed a train carrying 1,000 tonnes of coal to be burnt at Europe’s largest coal-fired power station, were sentenced on 4 September.

By Kathy Laluk

The Free Gaza Movement is, at the time of going to press, preparing to break the Israeli siege on Gaza again.

The Campaign Against Depleted Uranium (CADU) was launched in 1999 to focus specifically on trying to achieve a global ban on the manufacture, testing, and use of depleted uranium weapons.

Because it takes so many years to actually get anywhere, even in the council election, I’ve found there’s more focus on building a campaign than actually becoming a part of the “party machine”.

By Maya Evans

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By Gwyn

I have been asked to write this column alternating with Jeff Cloves who lives in the lovely town of Stroud. I live in the London Borough of Newham. Anyone who knows both areas will be aware of the contrast.

By Kevin Gillan, Jenny Pickerill

Two academics survey the British peace movement

By Emily Johns

At the very heart of the British Museum there is a gentle murmuring in many languages.

By Tom Bennett

Over the past month or so, in the wake of Israel’s brutal bombardment of Gaza, the UK’s student population has witnessed a widespread political awakening.

By Paul Chatterton

The most firmly held myth of our time is that no society can exist without a government and that we need the state to protect us – including from environmental destruction.

By Sarah Cobham

Sarah Cobham reports from her visit to the West Bank with the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group

By Kathy Laluk

The nine activists who decommissioned the EDO arms factory in Brighton in January, in protest against the supply of British arms to Israel and the assault on Gaza, are now facing the much vaguer charge of “conspiracy to cause criminal dam

By Sarah Young

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde students ended occupations, after winning demands to fund scholarships, disinvest from military industries and boycott Israeli companies including Eden Springs water.

By Caroline Wardle

Visiting the West Bank in 2003, one young Palestinian girl, above all others, touched my heart. This was Hiba, in the Aida refugee camp, who dreamed an impossible dream: she wanted to be a nurse.

By Ben Gregory

Wales is now investigating setting up a Peace Institute, along the lines of the Belgian Peace Institute first proposed in 1973, set in motion by the Flemish parliament in 2004, and operational since 2006.