Issue: 2507

March 2009


By Emily Johns, Milan Rai


By Gabriel Carlyle

A recent poll in Afghanistan has found a majority condemning Western airstrikes in the country, and calling for a negotiated settlement with the Taliban.

By Gabriel Carlyle

The US’s top commander in Iraq, general Raymond Odierno, has appeared to claim that all US forces will be out of Iraq by the end of 2011 (as required by the agreement signed by the US and Iraqi governments at the end of last year): “By 2011 we’ll

By Gabriel Carlyle

While US soldiers continue to resist deportation from Canada, the mother of two British soldiers serving in Afghanistan has spoken out against the war.

By Milan Rai

On 12 February, after a surprisingly brief trial (the judge cut the presentation of complex evidence down to one day), peace activist and former Nottingham University student Hicham Yezza came closer to being deported from Britain after a

By David Polden

On 5 February, the Court of Appeal quashed Ministry of Defence bye-laws banning “camping in tents, caravans, trees or otherwise” near the Aldermaston Atomic Weapons Establishment in Berkshire.

By Kathy Laluk

Parliament Square peace protestor Maria Gallastegui fasted for 30 days to protest against the escalating military assault and in solidarity with the people of Gaza .

By Cedric Knight

On 18 February, I represented the ethical internet service provider (ISP) GreenNet at an industry meeting on data retention.

By Isabel Bottoms

I went to the UN Climate Negotiations in Poznan in December as an International Youth Delegate, hoping to help sway the negotiators from their positions of bad science and inaction to build our future in consultation with young people.

Low Impact Development (LID) is an approach to creating homes and livelihoods that works with nature, using natural construction materials, renewable energy, and Permaculture design principles.

By Ben Gregory

Wales is now investigating setting up a Peace Institute, along the lines of the Belgian Peace Institute first proposed in 1973, set in motion by the Flemish parliament in 2004, and operational since 2006.

By Caroline Wardle

Visiting the West Bank in 2003, one young Palestinian girl, above all others, touched my heart. This was Hiba, in the Aida refugee camp, who dreamed an impossible dream: she wanted to be a nurse.

By Sarah Young

Edinburgh, Glasgow and Strathclyde students ended occupations, after winning demands to fund scholarships, disinvest from military industries and boycott Israeli companies including Eden Springs water.

By Kathy Laluk

The nine activists who decommissioned the EDO arms factory in Brighton in January, in protest against the supply of British arms to Israel and the assault on Gaza, are now facing the much vaguer charge of “conspiracy to cause criminal dam

By Sarah Cobham

Sarah Cobham reports from her visit to the West Bank with the Brighton-Tubas Friendship and Solidarity Group

By Paul Chatterton

The most firmly held myth of our time is that no society can exist without a government and that we need the state to protect us – including from environmental destruction.