US war resisters and UK soldiers' mother speak out against the wars

IssueMarch 2009
News by Gabriel Carlyle

While US soldiers continue to resist deportation from Canada, the mother of two British soldiers serving in Afghanistan has spoken out against the war.

Two more US war resisters (Cliff Cornell and Chris Taske) have been forced out of Canada and back to the US. Cornell surrendered himself to US border police on 4 February after being ordered to leave Canada.

Taske also returned to the US, but was not arrested at the border. A further three war res

On 12 February Canada’s House of Commons Standing Committee on Citizenship and Immigration again passed a motion calling on the Government to immediately stop the deportation of all US war resisters and their immediate family members.

Feasey realism

Marina Feasey, whose sons Daniel and James are currently serving in Afghanistan with 59 Independent Commando Squadron Royal Engineers and 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery, has called for all British troops to be withdrawn immediately.

She said on 30 January: “If this country was invaded we would also fight until the occupiers left. My main concern over the war is the number of lives being lost. Barely a day now passes without the death of a soldier being announced.”

Referring to the recent imprisonment in Britain of a would-be nail bomber, Marina Feasey added: “The idea that our troops are somehow keeping our streets safe by fighting in Afghanistan is nonsense. We are being attacked in this country because of our involvement in Afghanistan.”

“I'm proud that they are soldiers and serving queen and country but I just don't think that fighting in Afghanistan is serving queen and country,” she added.

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