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Issue 2475-76 | July to August 2006

Walking fine lines

Did the perpetrators who kidnapped Israeli Defence Force soldier Cpl Gilad Shalit anticipate the collective punishment that would be meted out to Palestinians?

Acting together for Iraqi widows

Act Together: Women's Action for Iraq, together with several other Iraqi and British women's organisations, artists and activists, organised a vigil on International Widows Day - 23 June -

First military SOCPA trial due to go ahead

On 1 April 2006, two peace campaigners from Yorkshire were arrested under the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA).

After the party, farewell to the Square

Just a few days after hosting the Peace News 70th birthday party, central London's The Square social centre had effectively come to an end.

The good news

As the crisis in Palestine deepens, civil society groups in the UK have been drawing attention to the plight of the Palestinian people...using somewhat differing methods.

Three damage Minuteman silo in Plowshares action

On 20 June three US Plowshares activists entered the E-9 Minuteman silo in North Dakota.

The child molesters

Farnborough International sells itself to the public as an airshow and family day out. However the public days are preceded by a full trade exhibition for aerospace and military products.

Citizen Inspectors scrutinise Yeovilton

Around 25 citizen weapons inspectors, recruited by the Yeovil, Sherborne and Area Stop the War Coalition, converged on RNAS Yeovilton, the Fleet Air Arm's principal base, on 1 July.

Earth First! heads for West Wales this summer

Aimed at people who are fed up with barefaced lies from politicians, big business and the media, and who have had enough of a world where corporate profit comes before life and dignity, Ea

Better than the death penalty

I couldn't quite believe it.

The Other Campaign - "from below and to the left"

On Sunday 2 July , general elections were held in Mexico.

EU intervention in Congo: a milestone on the way to a military Europe?

Disguised as a “humanitarian intervention” and giving “support to building democracy”, the sec ond major EU military intervention in Congo began this June.

No-one is illegal - not even in Essex!

If you live in this part of Essex, the “traveller burden”-- as it has been unceremoniously called- is a hot topic.

Faslane 365 - sustained pressure at the nuclear chain's weakest link

Faslane 365 is a grass -roots campaign to mobilise public opinion and action to oppose Trident and prevent any commitment to further nuclear weapons.

Taking a stand

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Syed Aamir Raza once again.

Citizens of the 51st State, resist!

As campaigners gathered at US military sites on 3 and 4 July to call for British “Independence from America”, others were digesting a Defence Select Committee report, released on 30 June, which cal

Critical Mass win legal victory

There was a mood of celebration - and also relief - on the well attended Critical Mass cycle ride in central London on 30 June, following a High Court ruling a few days earlier that a poli

Radical common sense

Ever get that feeling that only you in the whole world cares for the things that you care about; that the rapaciousness of global capitalism knows no bounds; that every High Street looks like every

Secret civil servants, judicial modesty, and pacifist respectability

According to press reports, the MoD is refusing to comply with the Information Commissioner's ruling that they should release details of the 500 civil servants employed to promote British

The economic argument

The Defence Committee's first report on Trident replacement was much better than I had dared hope for.

Democracy under dictatorship

During the last six years under General Pervaiz Musharaf, it has been a very rare occasion that, when we wanted to organise some public event, there has been no intimidation, threats or ar