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Issue 2482 | February 2007

Good news

In Denmark, a group of citizens are preparing to challenge the legality of their country's participation in the invasion of Iraq.

BAE resists attempt to reinstate corruption enquiry

The Serious Fraud Office's dropping of one of its corruption cases against BAE Systems on government “advice” had led to widespread national and international condemnation, the threat of l

The courage to resist

There is no conscription in the United States: people in the military who become conscientious objectors have to show they oppose all war and that they took this view only after joining th

Gitmo has got to go!

On 11 January, the fifth anniversary of the opening of the notorious detention camps Delta, Iguana and X-Ray at the US naval base at Guantánamo Bay, was marked by protests and

Court agrees: Haw's conditions were "absurd"

Mark Wallinger's “State Britain” installation, a loving recreation of the whole forty metres of Brian Haw's Parliament Square anti-war protest site in all its former glory, opened on 15 Ja

Faslane 365: "an obligation to act"

Later in the month, groups from Ireland, Leicester, Staffordshire and Stoke all blockaded successfully.

Pipes, ash and protests

Waste disposal and pipeline developments seem to be the bane of environmentalists the world over. Permanent damage and destruction of the land follow wherever dumps and terminals are sited.

Is another world possible?

No doubt, this World Social Forum is different. Africa - Kenya & - makes its presence felt.

Fairford Coach Case: Cautious victory for the right to protest

Just the facts M'Lud...

Five minutes to midnight ... but there's still time to act

“We stand at the brink of a second nuclear age. Not since the first atomic bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki has the world faced such perilous choices ...

Reflections on Rossport

Last year myself and filmmaker Mayyasa Al-Malazi spent several weeks interviewing and filming people involved in the Shell to Sea campaign, including the Rossport Solidarity Camp, in the r