Good news

IssueFebruary 2007

In Denmark, a group of citizens are preparing to challenge the legality of their country's participation in the invasion of Iraq.

In a historic case to be heard by the High Court of Eastern Denmark on 29 January,a group will argue that Denmark's decision to join the war was in breach of the constitution. Mean-while, in the US, where a recent poll found that only 54% of serving army personnel support the Iraq war, 1,000 active duty soldiers and sailors have joined peace activists in signing an “appeal for redress” petition calling for an end to the war.

Never mind Big Brother ... Brian Haw saw his celebrity status grow as he goes up against Tony Blair in Channel 4's political awards for Britain's most inspiring political figure. You can “vote Brian” by sending an email to with the message “I am voting for Brian Haw as the Channel 4 Political Awards `Most Inspiring Political Figure of the Year'.”

In related good news ... Another brick in the Blair wall crumbled earlier in the month when senior political aide Ruth Turner was arrested in connection with the cash for honours scandal. Ha Ha!

Sticking with (relatively) mainstream politics ... as PN went to press the Scottish Nationalist Party had just unveiled a plan to impose a toll on nuclear warhead convoys travelling on Scottish roads. With the only Trident submarine bases located in western Scotland, the Scots would have the MoD over a barrel. The suggested levy is £1m per warhead brought over the border. So, if you ever needed encouragement to vote SNP... (elections are in May).

And the really good news... activists with a hundred quid to spare can now take their message to the world in a new TV show which relies entirely on members of the public for its content. Showcase TV will be launched on 12 March, and you buy airtime in 60 second chunks, to do with as you wish.

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