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Issue 2483 | March 2007

Sussex students' "Books not Bombs" blockade

The latest skirmish in the 30-months-old campaign to drive arms company EDO-MBM out of Brighton, and out of existence, took place on Monday 19 February.

Drama as campaigners engage Japanese whalers

Campaigners have been in Antarctic waters in recent weeks, monitoring - and attempting to disrupt - the activities of the Japanese whaling fleet.

Widespread protests at militarists' meetings

Protests were held in Seville, Spain, to coincide with an informal summit held by NATO defence ministers.

Hat-trick for Fairford activists

For the third time, a trial stemming from direct action at “RAF” Fairford, Gloucestershire, in 2003 - when activists tried to impede US bombing of Iraqis at the start of the attacks in Marc

US Ploughshares activist released aftereight months in federal prison

Nukewatch US write ... A US Army veteran and member of a Minnesota Catholic Worker Community was releasedfrom the Duluth Federal Prison Camp on 16 February, after completing an eig

Farewell to Arms?

A new exhibition by the Peace Museum in Bradford, which challenges existing thinking, has been opened in the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

Arms campaigners fight death trade dirty tricks

Our corruption correspondent writes: Britain's biggest contributor to the global death trade - BAE Systems - is fighting attempts by campaigners to expose its dirty tricks campaign

A new generation is mobilising

Over fifty years ago, the peace movement burst into life in response to the very real threat posed by nuclear weapons.

Get Active!

No Trident Replacement


"The broadest alliance against nuclear weapons in Britain, ever"

Tell us a bit about your involvement with the antinuclear movement.

Not in our name - not with our taxes!

If Trident is replaced, it is our money that will pay for it.

Voices from Kathmandu

  • Kosh, sub-editor, mid-20's: I am from a lower middle class family; I joined the protests and got beaten up several times and arrested once. Change takes time.

One day: many actions

From 11 to 14 September, DSEi (Defence Systems Equipment International), the world's largest arms fair, returns to East London's ExCeL Centre.

Make the government abandon plans to replace Britain's nuclear weapons

Following the publication of the White Paper, The Future of the United Kingdom's Nuclear Deterrent, in December 2006, the government promised a parliamentary debate and vote on their proposals for

Conspiratorial contrivances, diplomatic fraternity, and legal laughter

It's taken some time to come to this conclusion, but The Mole is now totally convinced that there's a conspiracy to be uncovered about the story of the collapse of the two World Trade Centr

Blaming Iran

As US troops begin their “surge” into Baghdad, the Bush administration is preparing a scapegoat for the failure of this latest escalation: Iran.

The threat of heaven

The white poppy and red poppy debate continues here in Stroud but it's pointed me in an unexpected direction.

Obituary: Cassandra Karpinski

Len W Gibson: 1919-2007

Campaign Profile: Enough! Coalition

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