Not in our name - not with our taxes!

IssueMarch 2007
Feature by Symon Hill

If Trident is replaced, it is our money that will pay for it.

Between seven and ten percent of tax raised is used for “defence” spending. Our money equips occupying troops, and subsidises arms companies. Trident provides even more reason to oppose military taxation. Trident will be funded by everyone in the UK, because we all pay tax. This includes pensioners, students and people receiving benefits, who all pay VAT. It would be virtually impossible not to. Withholding income tax is equally impossible for most workers, who have tax deducted through PAYE. But for several years, significant numbers of self-employed people have withheld 10% of income tax in protest at military spending. Blair's plans for Trident will surely increase their numbers.

Withholding tax - or paying under protest - can be a great way to resist Trident. If you are thinking about it, Conscience can provide advice, moral support and help with media publicity.