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Issue 2486 | June 2007

Wrexham women

Members of a new group “Wrexham Women for Peace” and their supporters held a “funeral procession”, carrying coffins and a peace flag through the town centre on 19 May in memory of those who

Sleaze dominates BAE AGM

Questions about corruption dominated the questions to directors at the recent annual shareholders' meeting of Britain's biggest weapons merchants, BAE Systems.

Iraqi week of nonviolence

b>From 28 April to 6 May, the LaUnf (nonviolence) network of Iraqi peace activists organised a second “Week of Nonviolence”, this time at 13 locations, reaching 7300 people all over Iraq.

BAE AGM frustrates activist

Some years ago, the BAE AGM was an annual free-for-all, with dozens of token shareholders shouting, standing on chairs, trying to stop the meeting and generally causing mayhem.

The campaign against Trident

On 19 May, the public sector union Unison sponsored a day conference in London taking forward the campaign against Britain's Trident nuclear arsenal.

What everyone needs to know about Darfur

PN: What is your background in relation to Darfur?

Pacifist talks

During the war, the Peace Pledge Union embarked upon negotiations of its own, with the object of obtaining a joint statement from British and Argentinian pacifists condemning the war.


Gould: Mrs Thatcher, why, when the Belgrano, the Argentinian battleship, was outside the exclusion zone and actually sailing away from the Falklands, why did you give the orders to

Israel's secret nuclear threats

The greatest danger to the peo ples of the Middle East, including the people of Israel, comes from Israel's determination to retain control of the land it conquered 40 years ago, and its willingnes


PN : Do you see parallels between the current ``war on terror'' (and the war on Iraq in particular) , and the Falk? lands/Malvinas war in 1982.

The road to war

A quick history of the Falklands/Malvinas War.


The "B52 Two" retrial blog

Excerpts from the blog kept by supporters of Phil Pritchard and Toby Olditch as they stood trial in Bristol for trying to disarm B52s in the run up to the Iraq war


After the Trident vote: what now?

Oxford people campaigned on all fronts against a dangerous, unnecessary and horrifically expensive Trident replacement.

Arab peace offers

The Arab League Peace Plan of 2002 is what was called the “Saudi Plan” in the US. It has just been renewed.

Olive oil selling

I have a friend who's daughter became a peace activist. She was sending emails back from Palestine, and this focused my mind on what was happening there.

Profile: Jill Gough, CND Cymru - An enduring passion for peace

One wonderful thing about Jill Gough is her passion for peace.

Going Nuclear: Britain's bomb in the South Atlantic

Twenty-five years ago the Falklands/Malvinas War was controversial in Britain for three main reasons.