Wrexham women

IssueJune 2007
News by Genny Bove

Members of a new group “Wrexham Women for Peace” and their supporters held a “funeral procession”, carrying coffins and a peace flag through the town centre on 19 May in memory of those whose lives have been lost in conflict worldwide.
The women, accompanied by several children and babies, began by holding a silent 15-minute vigil at the war memorial, and then laying a wreath on the steps of the army recruitment offices where they observed a further minute's silence.
As the sombre procession parted the Saturday shoppers, women gave out hand-made paper flowers with peace messages. The procession ended at Wrexham's under-used Peace Garden, where a picnic was held, to which men were also invited.
Wrexham Women for Peace calls for investment to be diverted away from the arms trade that supports worldwide conflicts and into measures to improve health and welfare and reduce poverty. Members of the group said: “We were encouraged that several of the women who came along to this event had only read about the action in the previous day's local papers.”
It has been suggested that the picnic should become a regular event at the Peace Garden.

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