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Issue 2492-93 | December 2007 - January 2008

St Athan unspun

Thanks to concerted efforts on a number of fronts, promoters of the St Athan Defence Training Academy have been on the back foot in recent weeks.

Shell's little wild lies?

The Natural History Museum's decision to accept the giant oil company Shell as a sponsor for the “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” exhibition caused outrage recently, not least from the environme

Poppies on uncommon ground

On 10 November, for the fourth year running, the Mayor of Aberystwyth, Lorrae Jones-Southgate, laid a white poppy wreath at the castle war memorial on behalf of the Town Council, in the presence of

Iraq: the lies surge

Much has been made in recent weeks of the apparent success of the US “surge” the massive increase in US troops deployed to Iraq.

In fact, the picture is less rosy when we look closely.

Bailiffs gain new power to force entry

In another serious loss of our ancient freedoms, some civilians have been given the right to break into our homes, namely bailiffs executing warrants for the removal of our belongings to defray unp

Good News

From three sites of resistance.


United for 2008

2007 brought some grounds for optimism amongst those involved in resisting attacks on local services and on workplace terms and condi- tions. PN asked some grassroots Scottish union activists for a personal view of the year and their hopes for the future.


Trident made a marcher of me!

Hundreds marched up Edinburgh's Royal Mile on 4 November to say: “No to Trident”.

Whatever happened to ...

Some quick roundups.


School Students Against War

“If you truly want to determine Britain's state of affairs, you should look to its young people.” Gordon Brown has often expressed this idea. It is time he followed his own advice.


At the end of August, the Respect Unity Coalition MP, George Galloway, circulated a document to the party leadership, which seems to have precipitated the disintegration of the organisatio

Brown bribes on trial

In a dramatic ruling, the High Court has given the go-ahead for a review of the Government's decision on BAE's Saudi arms deals.

Solar power, not Star Wars

In 2005, US Space Command published Strategic Master Plan: FY06 and Beyond, which boldly stated: “Air Force doctrine views air, space, and information as key ingredients for dominating the

How to ban the bomb

Are the US, UK and others that are increasing the pressure on Iran genuinely concerned about nuclear proliferation?

Why the US fears Iran

Iran stands accused by the US of developing nuclear weapons, supporting global terrorism and insurgents and Afghanistan, and occasionally of suppressing democracy and human rights at home.

Five good books

One of the most deeply educational books we've read is Mantle of the Prophet: Religion and Politics in Iran by Roy Mottahedeh (Oneworld, reprinted 2000) which explores the texture of life in Iran a

Tehran Peace Museum

A peace museum is a place where peace is given a space to grow, and visitors can learn about alternatives to the culture of war and violence.

Making a grand bargain

International law does not ban uranium enrichment.

Paths through utopias: Learning freedom

Merida is built on ruins. One of the Roman Empire's most important cities, it sits in the dry south-west edge of Spain.

Hidden in the open

Suspicion of the media is widespread, not only in Britain. But is it really true that the mass media put out “propaganda”?

Media workers against the war

1.2m Iraqis may have died in the Iraq war: why the silence?


Rock of ages: A passing fancy

Here are a couple of books of interest to PN readers; seasonal gifts perhaps?

Maya Evans' diary

As it turned out, having a warrant for your arrest is meaningless on a Sunday.

Peggie Preston 1923-2007

The tireless campaigner for peace and justice, Peggie Preston, died suddenly just after her 84th birthday.

Peter Cadogan 1921-2007

Peter Cadogan was once called “the England”. He campaigned most expelled socialist in effectively on many fronts for peace, justice and human rights.

Activism and... Joy

Throughout the court case the people of Liverpool came up trumps, a higgledy-piggledy tapestry of different characters and communities and politics: the Catholics with their rituals of remembrance,

William Blake 250 anniversary: The SOCPA scene in his time...

In 1795... there were treason trials and transportations, while the threat of execution was stayed only by juries who refused to condemn their countrymen for their opinions.

Campaign Profile: Chapter 7 / The Land is Ours

Chapter 7 is the planning arm of The Land Is Ours, which campaigns to provide access to land and its resources for all citizens.

Iran demands peace

While UN nuclear inspectors report “good progress” on their “work plan” to clear up suspicions about Iran's past nuclear activities, the United States has been deliberately undermining Russian dipl

The cost of war $1.7 trillion

A new estimate by the US Congress's Joint Economic Committee puts the US cost of Iraq and Afghanistan wars at $1.7 trillion, almost double the sum the Bush administration has asked or received to f