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Issue 2509 | May 2009

US-UK state terror in Pakistan

While newspapers and politicians fulminate against the terrorist threat to Britain that supposedly emanates from Pakistan, few British commentators have even noticed the large-scale state

Drones "kill 687 Pakistani civilians"

On 10 April 2009, Pakistan’s second-largest English-language newspaper (circulation 140,000), the News International, cited figures on US drone attacks “compiled by the Pakistani authoriti

G20 mayhem

Several demonstrations were organised to protest at the present state of the world on 1 April, on the eve of the “G20” world leaders’ summit in Docklands, East London.

Ward Churchill wins free speech victory

American Indian activist and former professor Ward Churchill won a wrongful-termination case against University of Colorado on 2 April, convincing the jury that he was fired for controvers

The Tomlinson timeline

Ian Tomlinson, 47, was a newspaper seller on his way home from work on 1 April.

Nuclear Nonsense, or To Hell in a Handcart

A new report from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) details a chronic culture of neglect at nuclear decommissioning sites across the UK.

Hangar 'bout

I’m at a loss finding the right idiom for this story: Throwing good money after bad? A fool and his money are easily parted? A leopard can’t change his spots…? You decide.

Battered at Climate Camp in the City

Midday, 1 April. Our group from Wales joined a mass swoop on Bishopsgate in the financial district of London.

Counterpower - against poverty in Edinburgh

When Fred Goodwin’s house was vandalised on 25 March, the media portrayed this action against the former head of the Royal Bank of Scotland as political opposition to the financial crisis.

Edinburgh snippets

Palestinian online shopping
Sarah Young

Obama's escalation

British commentators have been greatly impressed by Obama’s “new” strategy for the wars in Afghanistan/Pakistan (unveiled on 27 March, after PN2508 went to press), with the Independent’s l

Afghan women see things differently

Western attention has focused once again on the plight of women in Afghanistan, as the result of the Shia Family Law, passed by Afghan president Hamid Karzai in March.

Hamas: voices of diversity

Hamas features in the European list of terrorist organisations. Is this fair? Hamas, like many other movements in the Middle East, is essentially a political party with a military wing.

Iran prepares peace: will the US/UK accept?

As PN went to press, Iran and the United States were preparing to make significant peace offers (or at least gestures) to each other.


Established in 1977, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA) is an independent women’s organisation fighting for human rights and social justice in Afghanistan.

Drones of death arrests

On 9 April, 14 peace and social justice activists were arrested at Creech US Air Force Base in Indian Springs, Nevada, in what is believed to be the first act of mass nonviolent civil diso

The Carbon Exchange

b> We’ve decided to focus on carbon trading in the financial sector, a system of legal and financial support that the G20 leaders are giving to climate criminals, by targeting the European Clima

Tea, Cakes and Solidarity

The clever young things at Plane Stupid recently came up with a great idea for forging closer links between environmental activists and concerned residents threatened by the proposed third

Powerful nonviolence

The atmosphere when I arrived with most of the other campers at 12.30pm and throughout the day was excellent – there were workshops all afternoon, a working kitchen, compost toilets, a far

Why I have a black eye

At around 11pm, despite all the problems with effective decision-making, those of us still at Climate Camp in Bishopsgate orchestrated a controlled retreat.

When push comes to shove: Give in!

My sympathies go to the family and friends of Ian Tomlinson.

Show me the way to go home

When the Ministry of Defence decided that the only way of defending the UK from annexation by the Communist Hordes was to threaten to blast them to Kingdom Come with an atomic bomb it knew


My lawyer exuded politeness as he worked through his list of questions.

Elnora Ferguson (1929-2008)

What amazes me, looking back, is how little I knew about Elnora Ferguson’s life in the post-Cold War years when I encountered her as Chair of the National Peace Council.

Activism and... Disability

“I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” 2nd Corinthians, 12:10

Campaign Profile: Vegan Organic Trust

In 1996, three vegans, David Stringer and Jane and David Graham, veterans of the peace, anti-nuclear movements, and sometime guests at HM Prisons, decided to start the Vegan Organic Networ