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Issue 2510 | June 2009

Free Gaza forges on, despite split

As death and destruction continue in Gaza under the ongoing Israeli siege of the Strip (see p6), the Free Gaza Movement (FGM) continues to plan siege-breaking journeys, despite splintering

Coming out of the Informer Closet?

PN last interviewed Tilly Giffin following her arrest at Aberdeen Airport during a Plane Stupid action (PN 2508).

Bayonets fixed and colours flying

On 25 April, Ceredigion Council conferred the freedom of the county on the Royal Welsh Regiment.

People's Peace Convoy

The second People’s Peace Convoy to Gaza looks set to leave London on Sunday 4 October. The Convoy is organised by Viva Palestina, a network of volunteers.

Call to honour COs

Plaid Cymru assembly member Bethan Jenkins has tabled a statement of opinion at the National Assembly to honour the memory of conscientious objectors in Wales: “I call upon all Assembly me

Marching for May Day

As the financial crisis continues to rage throughout the world, and unemployment rates climb ever higher, workers came together for this year’s May Day in a spirit of discontent rather tha

CAAT victory

Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) welcomed the ruling on 21 May, by the court of appeal, that the Metropolitan police broke the law in its routine surveillance of lawful and peaceful acti

One war

On 3 May, more than 100 Afghan civilians were killed during airstrikes on the villages of Gerani, Gangabad and Koujaha in Farah province, western Afghanistan.

Karzai partners Afghan warlord

Hamid Karzai has selected Mohammad Qasim Fahim – “one of the most notorious warlords in [Afghanistan], with the blood of many Afghans on his hands from the civil war” (according to Human R

May Day: Start of a new world

On 1 May, former Prisme workers re-launched themselves as Discovery Packaging and Design (DPD) after the “long hard slog” of a seven-week occupation (see PN 2508).

(Odd)socking it to 'em in Strasbourg

At the beginning of April, as London preoccupied itself with the G20, and the Met was busy batoning and shoving over peaceful protestors and newspaper vendors, I travelled to Strasbourg, F

How to police protest

Ten days before the G20 events blew up a storm of public interest around the rights of protestors, the Parliamentary Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR) published its report on “Policin

In Gaza, the war goes on – against farmers, against fishermen

Four months on from Israel’s brutal 22-day onslaught, Gazan farmers and fishermen are enduring daily assaults from the Israeli military despite a unilateral Israeli “ceasefire” since 18 Ja

CND Summer

Plans are afoot for CND to attend several festivals this year including Shambala, the Greenpeace Fair and Glastonbury.

Strasbourg - the organiser's viewpoint

After several meetings, including one at the European Social Forum in Malmö, Sweden in September last year, the International Coordination Committee No-to-NATO 2009 (ICC) was officially fo

27 June: Celebrate UNARMED FORCES DAY

Britain doesn’t need an Armed Forces Day, recently invented by Gordon Brown. We already have Remembrance Day.

Quaker Tapestry

The idea began at the Friends Meeting House in Taunton in 1981. 11-year-old Jonathan Stocks felt the room where they held the children’s meeting needed cheering up.

Goodbye SOCPA?

Having been the first person to be prosecuted (and convicted and imprisoned) for organising an unauthorised protest near parliament, it seems to my dubious honour to be, perhaps, the last


Five of us crammed into the car, sleeping bags and picnic piled high on our laps.

The law punishes conscientious soldiers

All the fuss about MPs’ expenses made me wonder about what work MPs actually do that requires a second home in London.

Campaign Profile: United Campaign Against Police Violence

Sadly, the death of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests in London on 1 April was not an isolated case.

Activism and... The Women's Room by Marilyn French

It was a long time ago that I read The Women’s Room, nearly 30 years ago now. Another time in my life, almost like another life.