People's Peace Convoy

IssueJune 2009
News by Mike Farah

The second People’s Peace Convoy to Gaza looks set to leave London on Sunday 4 October. The Convoy is organised by Viva Palestina, a network of volunteers. (The documentary Lifeline to Gaza about the first Viva Palestina convoy will be shown in two parts on Press TV on 13 and 14 May.)

In Wales, the Local Economic Action Forum (LEAF) is campaigning for support for the convoy. Help is needed with many things, from the financial to the musical. LEAF was founded in 1990 and is dedicated to peace through conservation. Billy Bragg is the Forum’s honorary patron. LEAF posters present an horrific picture of the situation in Gaza:
“Since the last massacre, New Year 2009, when 1,400 people were killed, two-thirds of that number women and children, there have been a further 5,000 casualties, many caused by the use of white phosphorus, banned under the Geneva convention, and depleted uranium shells, which have polluted the water and land for generations to come.

“Israeli conscripts were ordered to shoot women, children and paramedics. In the name of humanity please help us stop these war crimes!”

A rally is being planned for 31 October at the BBC in Shepherd’s Bush. With a number of speakers and a peace party in the offing, the rally will feature a ceremonial burning of BBC licences to protest at the Corporation’s decision not to broadcast a humanitarian appeal for Gaza.

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