Noise demo

IssueDecember 2008 - January 2009
News by Jonathan Stevenson

On 10 November, a noise demo was held outside a ceremonial dinner in the City of London being addressed by prime minister Gordon Brown.
War on Want, World Development Movement, Trade Justice Movement, Stamp Out Poverty, New Economics Foundation, CAFOD, Action Aid and Jubilee Debt Campaign came together to draw attention to global poverty and the role of the City.
The Jubilee Debt Campaign is calling for “a radically different economic system which reduces inequality, creates jobs, puts people before profit, ensures a sustainable environment, and puts eradicating poverty at its heart.”
Rich US bankers are getting a $700 billion bail out. There’s no bail out for the world’s poor. Jubilee Debt Campaign estimates that $400bn of developing world debt should be cancelled for around 100 countries to be able to pay for essential services for their people.
The campaign suggests: a major recovery plan that puts people and the environment at its heart, in particular which enables countries to better feed, clothe, educate and protect their people; effective regulation of the financial system, including just tax, debt and trade rules; and a new and democratic set of institutions to govern this economic system.
Fundamental global reform needs to be agreed democratically through the UN (not the G8 or G20) with the poorest of the world having a full and equal say.

Topics: Global justice