Chartists spook banks on Halloween!

IssueDecember 2008 - January 2009
Feature by Jonny Jones

Supporters of the People Before Profit Charter (PBPC) held a protest on Queen Street in Cardiff on Halloween. Protesters called on the government to bail-out people, not just banks.
“The protest aimed to shine at least a lantern of light on what the banks have been doing with our money!” said Adam Johannes, one of organisers.
“Since the start of the credit crunch,” he continued, “British banks have been given or loaned almost £500 billion pounds of our money. We are told this is to help ordinary people. Yet, in Wales alone, court actions against late mortgage payers have tripled in the past year. Every hour, four people in Wales are told they will lose their home.”
The PBPC has gained widespread support since being launched in July; a ten-point series of demands has been backed by thousands of people. “We have a lot of students attending this Halloween protest,” said Jonny Jones, another of the organisers, “poets and musicians too. We’ve got anti-war activists and debt relief campaigners. A youth group in Butetown made Halloween props for us and face-painters gave protestors a suitably spooky look! This is a vibrant demonstration which doesn’t just project people’s anger but their unity and willingness to work together.”

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