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Iraqi architect and blogger Raed Jarrar has translated a leaked copy of the interim US-Iraq agreement for American Friends Service Committee.

The text promises full immunity for US forces operating in Iraq, sets no deadline for the withdrawal of “non-combat” troops (not defined).

The agreement also raises the possibility that the US and Iraqi governments may try to ratify the agreement without gaining the approval of the Iraqi parliamentary (the text says it comes into force after an exchange of memos, not mentioned in the parliament).

Oil reversals
Meanwhile, Iraq has signed a $3bn service agreement with China, and cancelled six no-bids contracts that it was to sign with Shell, BP and other western oil companies. However, Iraq is expected to sign a natural gas deal with Shell (creating a joint venture in which Shell will have a 49% stake) within a month.

Raed Jarrar’s findings:: http://tinyurl.com/peacenews019 On 11 October, a giant Dick Cheney will be chasing Iraq’s oil through the streets of London – come and help stop him. Meet 12 noon, Shell House, SE1 7NA. See: http://www.HandsOffIraqiOil.org

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