Write to war resisters

IssueOctober 2008

US war resister Robin Long, who was deported from Canada, and imprisoned in the US on 22 August for 15 months for his conscientious objection to the Iraq war, can be written to at: Robin Long, 484 Lake Park Ave # 41, Oakland CA 94610
Robin cannot receive post from anyone directly until he adds them to his “approved mail list”.
US war resister James Burmeister, jailed for six months on 16 July, can be written to at: James Burmeister, Box A, Fort Knox, KY 40121, USA.
As PN went to press, US war resister Jeremy Hinzman and his family were about to learn whether they were to be deported from Canada. If Jeremy is deported, Amnesty International will classify him as a prisoner of conscience.
Updates, more information - and an opportunity to donate to prisoners’ welfare funds - at: http://www.couragetoresist.org

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