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Issue 2531 | March 2011

The Avoidable War

Even as the current US-led escalation in Afghanistan continues to shut-down the still-live option of a negotiated end to the war, a new report has confirmed that the US blocked Taliban efforts to r

Before the flood

Stop Nuclear Power protesters, disguised as fish, locked themselves together across the entrance to Sizewell nuclear power station on 2 February.

Supporting Brad

US private Bradley Manning has been in a maximum-security prison in Virginia, USA, since May 2010 after being accused of leaking classified information to the whistleblower site WikiLeaks.

Three prisoners

Peace activist Chris Cole was released from prison on 2 February after serving 15 days for an act of civil disobedience.

Loss of control?

In the counter-terrorism review announced on 25 January, the British government proposes replacing “control orders”, found by the courts to contravene human rights legislation, with a modified syst

Wrexham: First Gulf War and Bradley Manning

The first bombing raid of the Gulf War was launched on Iraq 20 years ago.

S4C: First 100 refuse to pay TV licence

Within four days of a campaign launch, over a hundred people have signed up to withhold their television licence fee in protest over threats to the Welsh language channel S4C.

Wales acts up

A round-up of current Welsh activism


Ban bomb book

A new book, Trident and International Law: Scotland’s Obligations was launched on 1 February. The launch took place at the Scottish parliament and was hosted by Bill Kidd MSP.

Cranking out the joy

Over 20% of all UK carbon emissions come from cars & lorries. The first mile of every car journey produces a disproportionately high level of CO2 and one in four car journeys is less than two miles. There is a simple solution on two wheels.


Deadly obedience

Are war and violence the same thing? What about “human nature”? How do we achieve a war-free society?


Why Britain arms Arab dictators

As we go to press, the British government’s systematic, sustained and deep-rooted support for repressive Arab regimes is being exposed by the wave of grassroots pro-democracy movements in the Middl

Compromise on killing

Why does CND advocate military spending?


Sarkozy's nuclear affairs

Channel crossing: PN’s bimonthly look at the European peace movement


Activism and... Women's solidarity

Strongest experience of women’s solidarity? God, I probably think of doing stuff in Ireland. I was involved in Women in Ireland for a really long time.