Early birds - start your day the disarmament way!

IssueOctober 2008
Feature by Sarah Young

Morning vigils are being planned to take place during parliamentary sittings up ’til the end of 2008. The aim is to maintain awareness amongst MSPs about Trident replacement by creating a presence at the entrance to the Scottish Parliament.

Following the decision of the Scottish Parliament in June 2007 not to replace Trident, a Scottish Parliament working group on Trident replacement was set up to take this further.

The group, chaired by Bruce Crawford MSP, (see photo) includes representatives from the peace movement, churches and the Scottish TUC. Many people, including activists, are concerned to see what progress is actually being made.

There are lots of people who have expressed interest, but now is the time to get the vigil rota filled.

If your group needs information about the parliament, contact the organisers at the Edinburgh Peace and Justice Centre. The parliament website can be looked at, so you can spot your MSP and have a chat about disarmament!
See http://www.scottish.parliament.uk/

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