Jungmin acquitted!

News in Brief

On 8 November, Choi Jungmin (pronounced ‘chwéh chong-min’) and seven others from South Korean peace group World Without War (see PN 2667) were found ‘not guilty’ of disrupting an arms fair.

On 22 September 2022, Jungmin and her colleagues, Ji Hyeseong, Joo Youngho, Kim Eunmi, Kim Han Minyeong, Lee Yongsuk, Park Jaeyoon and Yeo Jeewoo entered DX KOREA 2022, just outside Seoul, South Korea. They climbed on top of armoured vehicles, played a violin and a guitar, chanted slogans and held a banner.

The judge at the Goyang branch of Uijeongbu district court said the DX Eight had bought tickets to get in lawfully; the arms fair was already quite a noisy event; and the DX Eight had not used amplifiers or made threatening remarks or used physical force against anyone.

The DX Eight therefore won their appeal and did not have to pay the 17mn won ($15,000) fine.