Issue: 2669

December 2023 - January 2024


Top Stories

This is not a war of self-defence

by Milan Rai

Why ‘humanitarian pauses’ are not enough


Hamas has repeatedly offered a renewable 10-year truce

by Milan Rai

Milan Rai dismantles one of the most powerful lies about the current crisis in Gaza

Relentless climate action of all kinds

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

A rapid survey of the last two months of UK climate activism

Don't let the US and Britain wreck the Yemeni-Saudi peace process


Gaza: the UK role

by Milan Rai

Britain is involved in Israel’s criminal war of destruction

From Gaza with rage

by Dr Mona El-Farra

The director of Gaza Projects for the Middle East Children's Alliance on the latest Israeli attack

Israeli war crimes

by PN staff

Lawyers detail violations of international humanitarian law

Solidarity with Gaza

by Felicity Laurence

Weeks of protest across the UK

Calling for an armistice on Armistice Day

by PN staff

500,000+ march for peace on 11 November


Exclusion and excitement at radical bookfairs

by PN staff

Anarchists exclude anarchists for not excluding other anarchists

Oily money out!

by Rosie

Week of protest targets fossil fuel conference

Assange - prepare for X

by PN staff

Sign up for mass protest on date of 'last chance' court date

‘Always be on the side of the oppressed’

by PN staff

Jews for Justice for Palestinians and Parents Circle - Families Forum speak at alternative remembrance ceremony 

Palestine Action

by PN staff

Direct action group launches 'underground manual' amidst flurry of ongoing actions


by PN staff

Annual march demands justice for unexplained deaths in custody 


by PN staff

Activists sit-in in Sanders' office over Ukraine stance


Naming the dead

by PN staff

The names of 261 children from Gaza and Israel killed since 7 October

'Don't leave the cause of peace to generals and heads of state!'

by Yurii Sheliazhenko

Open letter from a Ukrainian facing prison for speaking for peace

Settler terror on the West Bank

by Felicity Laurence, The Villages Group

Report from an Israeli-Palestinian peace group

Jews against the war on Gaza

by Jewish Voice for Labour

'Killing from 20,000 feet is no less immoral than killing at close quarters'



A sneak-peak of a new exhibition at The Barbican


Obituary: Pat Arrowsmith: 2 March 1930 – 27 September 2023

by Peace Museum, PN

'Force of nature' peace campaigner who served eleven prison sentences

Obituary: Bill Hetherington: 25 January 1934 – 5 November 2023

by Peace Pledge Union

Pacifist imprisoned for 'incitement to disaffection', renowned for his knowledge of peace movement history

Poynted remarks

by Claire Poyner

Why are we all working so much?

Diary: Sumoud

by Penny Stone

'I couldn't contain my empathy, my anger, or my amazement'

What else

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

The way propaganda uses language is both insidious and dangerous, says Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Radical Music: 'Senzeni Na?'

by Penny Stone

'The children are always ours, every single one'

Why I am an anarchist

by Henrietta Cullinan

'It is indeed a feeling that ‘something just ain’t right.’'

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