Comments in issue 2669


by PN staff

Annual march demands justice for unexplained deaths in custody 

Palestine Action

by PN staff

Direct action group launches 'underground manual' amidst flurry of ongoing actions

‘Always be on the side of the oppressed’

by PN staff

Jews for Justice for Palestinians and Parents Circle - Families Forum speak at alternative remembrance ceremony 

Assange - prepare for X

by PN staff

Sign up for mass protest on date of 'last chance' court date

Oily money out!

by Rosie

Week of protest targets fossil fuel conference

Exclusion and excitement at radical bookfairs

by PN staff

Anarchists exclude anarchists for not excluding other anarchists

Solidarity with Gaza

by Felicity Laurence

Weeks of protest across the UK

Relentless climate action of all kinds

by Rebecca Elson-Watkins

A rapid survey of the last two months of UK climate activism

Israeli war crimes

by PN staff

Lawyers detail violations of international humanitarian law

From Gaza with rage

by Dr Mona El-Farra

The director of Gaza Projects for the Middle East Children's Alliance on the latest Israeli attack