Comments in issue 2616 - 2617

Editorial: Can we create more power of our own?

by Milan Rai

To win the changes we want we need to shift from 'mobilising' to 'organising', argues Milan Rai

And legacy: on becoming a full human being

by Oluwafemi Hughes

How does one make sense of a self, or the world, when stories of one’s ancestors were of strange barbarians who early Europeans decided were ‘non human’?, asks Oluwafemi Hughes

Bruce Kent: As I please

by Bruce Kent

Blowing up the world in 'a graduated controlled way'

The Personal Column: vinyl, fake news & red propellors

by Jeff Cloves

Jeff Cloves looks in the window of his new local record shop

Hope abounds

by Penny Stone

Penny Stone finds protest songs alive and well on the college lecturers' picket lines in Edinburgh

Case Study: India: February – March 1918

by Natalia Choi

Textile workers win economic justice