Features in issue 2598 - 2599

Converting swords into...

by Dave King

40th anniversary conference to revisit visionary Lucas Plan

Radical Technology revisited

by Patrick Nicholson

Looking back at a book that sowed seedbombs

Was it the best-ever Peace News Summer Camp?

by Milan Rai

PN's editor reflects on 5 days of reflection, re-connection and re-charging

Golden toad goes a-banking

by Rev Billy

Creative environmental action from the US

How can we Prevent government extremism?

by Milan Rai

The second part of our interview with Liz Fekete, director of the Institute of Race Relations

Shelter from the storm

by Ellie Roberts

Ellie Roberts reports from the refugee camp in Calais

A few more reflections

by Owen Everett

‘You can go back to Afghanistan, it’s safe there’