Comments in issue 2588-2589

'Don't Bank on the Bomb'

by Brian Larkin

Scottish campaigners target financial institutions

White and red together

by PN staff

Aberystwyth peace action

Critical Mass to Calais

by Rosie Strickland

Bikes beyond borders!

‘Killing us by heart’

by No Borders

A report from Calais Migrant Solidarity

A nuclear white elephant

by PN staff

Hinkley Point C protest

Met apologises for undercover relationships

by Claire Poyner

Eight women (and more) ‘emotionally and sexually violated with state approval’

Drones campaigners claim victory

by Chris Cole

Injunction should never have been granted rules High Court judge

Crimes and misdemeanours

by Chris Cole

Four anti-drones campaigners convicted of criminal damage

Sowing 360 seeds of hope

by David Polden

Second 'Campaign Nonviolence' week sees actions across the US

34-hour Italian radar Ploughshares action

by David Polden

No NATO, No Muos!