Features in issue 2551

Cut war, not jobs

by Milan Rai, Emily Johns

Cameron commits £2bn to drones while chopping disability benefits

The Lucas Aerospace Plan

by PN staff

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Wobbly Tuesday

by Milan Rai

The day that the MoD scrambled to change its invasion plans

Spain, austerity and police brutality

by Miguel Aguilera

Eye witness: holding Neptuno Square for hours despite a police riot 

Sweet special places

by Derrick Coffee

A Hastings Alliance speech at the Combe Haven Defenders' camp.

Combe Haven Defenders

by Patrick Nicholson

A warning of things to come: a temporary anti-road camp on the South Coast

Shift capitalism

by Peter Robinson

A new climate-labour coalition.

Defeat Osborne’s road follies

by John Stewart

One of Britain's most effective environmentalists explains how the government's roads programme could be stopped in its tracks at the very beginning.