Issue: 2535-2536

July / August 2011


“If it’s not revolutionary, it’s not our kind of nonviolence.”


By Milan Rai, Emily Johns

Milan Rai examines the diplomatic record of peace initiatives over Libya.

By Chris Cole

Libya bombed by drones as activists call week of action against unmanned warfare.

By Gabriel Carlyle

US officials have secretly advocated that NATO take steps to ramp-up Taliban violence and extremism in Afghanistan, a leaked document has revealed.

By David Polden

A new “Freedom Flotilla 2 – Stay Human” aid convoy is being assembled for another attempt to break the siege of Gaza.


Two trials at Newbury magistrates’ court for actions at the Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory in Berkshire have resulted in six convictions.

By David Polden

Five anti-Trident activists acquitted after prosecution fails to make adequate case.

By David Polden

Tunisia, Egypt ... Palestine?

By Hannah Austin

Hannah Austin looks at Welsh attitudes to sexual assault.

By Kim Bryan

Festival inspired by Victor Jara fuses Welsh and Latin American music.

By Mary Browning

Rainsoaked ride highlights Palestinian plight.

By Faslane Peace Camp

For 29 years it has been the frontline against Britain’s nuclear weapons. We need Faslane Peace Camp!

By Kathy Kelly

Kathy Kelly explains why she will be joining this summer's Gaza Freedom Flotilla.

By Michael Pooler

Peace News last visited the Slovenian long-lived social centre, Metelkova, in 1995. Michael Pooler stopped by when the PEDAL: 100 Days to Palestine cycle ride to Palestine passed through last month.

By Ben Gregory

The rise and rise of the internationalist left in Latin America

By Brian Dominick

A ground-breaking radical online newspaper, and how it put its values into practice in the workplace.