Issue: 2483

March 2007


By Milan Rai


By PN staff

Following the publication of the White Paper, The Future of the United Kingdom's Nuclear Deterrent, in December 2006, the government promised a parliamentary debate and vote on their proposals for Trident replacement.

The latest skirmish in the 30-months-old campaign to drive arms company EDO-MBM out of Brighton, and out of existence, took place on Monday 19 February.

Our corruption correspondent writes: Britain's biggest contributor to the global death trade - BAE Systems - is fighting attempts by campaigners to expose its dirty tricks campaign against its opponents.

By Peter Nias

A new exhibition by the Peace Museum in Bradford, which challenges existing thinking, has been opened in the Royal Armouries in Leeds.

By Nukewatch US

Nukewatch US write ... A US Army veteran and member of a Minnesota Catholic Worker Community was releasedfrom the Duluth Federal Prison Camp on 16 February, after completing an eight-month sentence for damaging a nuclear missile s

By The networking group - the camp for climate action

"We are witnessing the birth of a new social movement to force action on climate change." Johann Hari, The Independent, on the Camp for Climate Action 2006

By Albert Beale

For the third time, a trial stemming from direct action at “RAF” Fairford, Gloucestershire, in 2003 - when activists tried to impede US bombing of Iraqis at the start of the attacks in March that year - has ended with a hung jury.

By Emily Apple

Against war, against the arms trade.

By Jess Orlik

Protests were held in Seville, Spain, to coincide with an informal summit held by NATO defence ministers.

By Seadog

Campaigners have been in Antarctic waters in recent weeks, monitoring - and attempting to disrupt - the activities of the Japanese whaling fleet.

By Sareena Rai

By Symon Hill

No Trident Replacement

By PN staff, Kate Hudson

In March, the government is set to hold a parliamentary vote on the replacement of Britain's Trident nuclear fleet. Peace News caught up with Kate Hudson, chair of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, for a chat about demonstrations, bedfellows, and responding to the challenges ahead.

DEMONSTRATE Along with the national “Stop Trident” demonstration on 24 February, various opportunities for demonstrating present themselves over the coming weeks.

By Milan Rai

Welsh campaigners fight rig plans
Watada walks ... for now...
Arrest during Rossport solidarity action