Issue: 2475-76

July to August 2006



By PN staff

Campaigners call for "independence from America" as Blair confirms Trident decision in next six months.

By Albert Beale

There was a mood of celebration - and also relief - on the well attended Critical Mass cycle ride in central London on 30 June, following a High Court ruling a few days earlier that a police attempt to declare the event “unlawful” should

By Farooq Tariq

During the last six years under General Pervaiz Musharaf, it has been a very rare occasion that, when we wanted to organise some public event, there has been no intimidation, threats or arrests

By Kate Hudson

The Defence Committee's first report on Trident replacement was much better than I had dared hope for.

By Albert Beale

According to press reports, the MoD is refusing to comply with the Information Commissioner's ruling that they should release details of the 500 civil servants employed to promote British arms exports because “they could be harassed by pa

By Jeff Cloves

Ever get that feeling that only you in the whole world cares for the things that you care about; that the rapaciousness of global capitalism knows no bounds; that every High Street looks like every other High Street; that all governments are the s

By Mike Brady

Recently I had the pleasure of seeing Syed Aamir Raza once again. Aamir used to work for Nestle, the world's largest food company and the target of an international boycott because of its aggressive marketing of baby milk.

By Rebecca Johnson

On 1 October 2006, Faslane 365 (F365) will be kicking off what organisers hope will be a year of civil resistance at the nuclear submarine base near Glasgow. Peace, justice, environmental and women's groups from Scotland, elsewhere in the UK and a few from abroad, have already committed themselves to bring at least 100 people each to blockade the base during the first three months: more are signing up every week. PN challenged organisers to make the case for why F365 is the campaign people should get behind. Rebecca Johnson responds.

By Ippy, Martha Ransdell

If you live in this part of Essex, the “traveller burden”-- as it has been unceremoniously called- is a hot topic.

By Andreas Speck

While the focus of western military deployments remains firmly on Iraq and Afghanistan, the EU is busy developing its military identity and capabilities through so-called "peacekeeping" adventures in Africa. Andreas Speck suggests some lessbenevolent motivations for these operations.

By Jess Orlik

In May, regular PN contributor Jess Orlik travelled to Mexico. As the country goes to thepolls for its July general election, she reports on the development of the Zapatista-conceived "Other Campaign", the brutal clashes with police in San Salvador Atenco, and theongoing and defiant teachers' strike - which has seen thousands take to the streets in

By Genny Bove

Slick advertising, educational and financial inducements, and frequent propaganda events - these are the weapons continuously deployed by the military in their war for our hearts and minds. Genny Bove reflects on how local groups can work practically toc ounter the militarists' deliberately partial picture of life in the forces.

By EF!ers

Aimed at people who are fed up with barefaced lies from politicians, big business and the media, and who have had enough of a world where corporate profit comes before life and dignity, Earth First!

By Panda Rainbow

Around 25 citizen weapons inspectors, recruited by the Yeovil, Sherborne and Area Stop the War Coalition, converged on RNAS Yeovilton, the Fleet Air Arm's principal base, on 1 July.

By Anna

With five days for trade and two days for the public, it's clear where the emphasis of July's Farnborough International "air-show"lies. According to event organisers, the 45th show is "set to be the biggest,most internationally attended aerospace event in the world". However, the arms traders and aviation buffs won't be the only ones attending, as Anna from the Campaign Against Arms Trade reports.