Issue: 2455

June - August 2004



By Tom Feiling

Colombian President Alvaro Uribe Velezhas used all the means at his disposal to ensure that the truth about his links to paramilitary death squads and the drugs cartels remains hidden. Tom Feiling from campaign group Justice for Colombia reports.

By Sian Glaessner

Russia after the election is a grim place. With electoral doubts safely swept under the carpet, Putin has been sworn into Office.

By Bob Glaberson

I write as a lifelong peace campaigner who has been on all the big demos against the Iraq war, and at the same time is very concerned that the peace movement is failing to come to grips with the dangers posed by international terrorism.

By Matt Meyer

Despite intense losses in the recently ended war with neighbouring Ethiopia, and a few worrisome signs of incursions on freedom of speech and the press, the hopes amidst the people of the horn of Africa rested on hard-fought victories and

By David McKenzie

Alice Walker in "Horses Make a Landscape Look More Beautiful

By Mark Lynas, PN staff

Author and campaigner Mark Lynas has spent years travelling the world investigating climate change. With a new book out, in which he explains his discoveries and proposes ideas for action, PN caught up with Mark and asked him about the wide-ranging impact climate change is beginning to have on our planet and, in particular, in relation to the rising seas.

By Karen Sack

Mars calling Earth: “what is all that blue stuff?”

By Stavros Georgopoulos

In August 2001, during an Australian election campaign, about 400 people seeking asylum in Australia were saved from a sinking boat by the Norwegian ship, the Tampa.

Taking on board a deep and rolling theme like this certainly offers vast opportunities for useless metaphors.

By Janet Kilburn

Between 1969 and 1977 Paul Watson was involved in the groups and actions that would spawn Greenpeace International.

By Ian Murray

“When you see something horrible happening, your instinct is to do something about it. You can freeze in fearful apathy or you can even talk yourself into saying that it isn't horrible. I can't do that. I have to act.

By Liz Sandeman

The Marine Connection, an international London-based charity dedicated to the conservation of dolphins and whales, regularly highlights its concerns about the use of dolphins in war. Iraq 2003 was no different.

By Andreas Speck

“If there is anything to be learnt we will learn it, because safety is our number one concern”, said energy secretary Chris Huhne on 14 March, after the horrendous nuclear accident at Fukushima in Japan following the devastating earthquak

By Sophie Reynolds

This Easter, biologically and culturally time of new life and hope in western Europe, saw a new and very large step taken by hundreds of anti-nuclear activists in Britain.

By Robert Rabin

On 1 May 2004 we celebrated the first anniversary of the end to 60 years of US navy bombing and presence here on the island of Vieques, Puerto Rico.