War No More

IssueJune - August 2004
Review by David Roberts

Teachers of citizenship courses who wish to explore the topic of war and peace with their students will find a new short video, War No More, invaluable.

It is suitable for year ten and year eleven students, and is accompanied by a booklet of useful background information on each of the main topics, well thought out discussion points to take up with students and lists of further sources of information. The printed information is intended for free photocopying.

Topics include: how nonviolence is the normal mode of social relations, the UN and international law, the arms trade, nuclear weapons, the culture of violence in which we live (and how we should turn it into a culture of peace), human rights and the need to share the world's resources, and how change may come about by peaceful means as it did in South Africa when the apartheid system was demolished.

The video does not pull its punches when exploring the topic of the real cost of war. Scenes of destruction and death and columns of refugees pass before our eyes. As contributor Joseph Rotblat explains “We must all work together to prevent war, because if we don't work together we shall die together.”

Topics: War and peace
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