Comments in issue 2662

Did you know?

by PN staff

Extra captions added to Shell-sponsored exhibition

The TPNW ‘Magnificent Seven’

by David Polden

More countries sign and ratify anti-nuke treaty


by David Polden

Legal challenge to deportation policy

Prison for JSO folk

by David Polden

Scores imprisoned for blockading oil terminals

Putin ‘ready’ to negotiate?

by Milan Rai

Can negotiations succeed despite Russian annexations?

Republicans shut up!

by David Polden

Arrests in Oxford and Edinburgh

Israel raids NGOs

by David Polden

Human rights groups labelled 'terrorists'

Western Sahara action in the UK

by PN staff

This autumn sees a burst of activity in Britain over Western Sahara, ‘Africa’s last colony’ – in court, in parliament, in conference and in supermarkets

US supports negotiated peace

by PN staff

US voters back diplomatic solution to Ukraine crisis

White poppies now plastic-free


Peace symbol now recyclable