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PNedit's blog

8 facts everyone should know about the Iraq crisis

Ian Sinclair looks beyond the "babbling brook of [mainstream media] bullshit" about the Iraq crisis.


How Jeremy Corbyn can beat the establishment

Ian Sinclair talks to George Lakey, Matt Kennard and Alex Nunns


George Lakey speaking tour: 4 - 18 October

US author and Quaker activist tours UK


Review: Kicked in the Sh*tter

Jon Lockwood reviews Leon Fleming's recent play


Theatre v. Poverty Porn

Playwright Leon Fleming on the biographical inspiration behind his new play 'Kicked in the Sh*tter' and why he believes that theatre is the greatest medium we have created for dragging thoughts out of a society.


Patriarchy and radical feminism: an interview with Robert Jensen

Ian Sinclair interviews activist and author Robert Jensen about his latest book The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men (Spinifex Press, 2017)


20 Jan: Build Bridges Not Walls!

A call for banner drops on 20 January, the date of Donald Trump's inauguration (as sent to PN)


A letter to the Prime Minister

With the publication of the Chilcot report, watch the trailer for "A Letter to the Prime Minister", made during the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq, and sign up on the website to see the entire feature length film.


Woman who disarmed warplane publishes memoir

New book marks 20th anniversary of land-mark anti-arms trade action


Open letter from the Wretched of the Earth bloc

An important perspective on last November's 'People's March for Climate, Justice and Jobs'

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