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PNedit's blog

Time to convert the arms trade?

Jessica Corbett reports from a recent meeting of anti-arms trade campaigners at City Circle.


The Arms Fair is Here!

Second half of Jessica Corbett's report on City Circle's recent anti-arms trade meeting.


"The march that shook Blair": new book & speaking tour

New book from Peace News Press to be launched on 10th anniversary of 15 February 2003 march, followed by UK speaking tour.


More Hastings Against War banners

Anti-war banners from Hastings artists. See article here for background.


British attitudes on drone strikes

I've long raised the question of British attitudes towards drones and drone strikes. We now have some info about this courtesy of a new poll by Pew: http://tinyurl.com/pewsdronestrikes


Who's that in the furry hat?

Peace News' co-editor Milan Rai photographed some of the participants at the "International Symposium on Nonviolence Movements and the Barrier of Fear", held 10-12 April at Coventry University.


Relections on the International Symposium on Nonviolent Movements and the Barrier of Fear

Text to follow soon!


Rounded-up or rounded-down?

A thirteen-day prison sentence poses an odd problem for peace campaigner Maya Evans and her supporters.


The Jailing of Maya Evans

Gabriel Carlyle reports on the jailing of Hastings anti-war activist Maya Evans.


Occupy Diary

Natalia Grana reflects on the circumstances of her involvement with Occupy Manchester

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