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OCCUPY MOVEMENT (United Kingdom) 
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London Greater London Location in City: WEB
http://theoccupytimes.co.uk; email contact: olsx.indymedia@gmail.com; twitter .@occupytimes

Britain http://occupybritain.co.uk

Bath, Somerset, Queen Square. Date started: 30-Oct-11, Population: 11 Tents, about 30 people (1/11) http://occupybath.blogspot.com twitter .@occupyBath http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Bath-Info/125112970929410, still active weekend of 20 Nov

Belfast, Northern Ireland, St. Anne’s Cathedral. Date started:2-Oct-11; 17 tents http://occupybelfast.blogspot.com twitter .@OpOccupyBelfast. Still active and tweeting 20 Nov, not planning to go anywhere.

Bournemouth, Dorset, Bournemouth Town Hall. Date started: 29-Oct-11; 50 people http://facebook.com/OccupyBournemouth; 07837 241837; Matt Tounge (Spokesman) matt-tounge@hotmail.com; twitter .@occupyBMouth; Moved on 12 Nov for third time, not sure if it found a new location. Appears to be abandoned after 12 Nov, but may have moved to new site, no info online

Bradford, West Yorkshire, Centenary Square. Date started: 28-Oct-11; 8 people http://www.facebook.com/occupybradford phone contact (0) 127 495 7895 (service no longer available); twitter .@occupybrads. Evicted 4 November, not sure whether they have a new site. No info on social media or press. Nothing since 3 Nov.

Brighton, East Sussex, Victoria Gardens. Date started: 29-Oct-11
http://occupybrighton.co.uk phone contact 0753 454 8425 media@occupybrighton.co.uk, info@occupybrighton.co.uk, occupybrighton@yahoo.co.uk twitter .@occupy_Brighton. Need more people, cooperating and liasing with authorities, support from Green MP, Caroline Lucas, all welcome, no exclusions, bad press on no exclusions.

Birmingham, West Midlands, Victory Square now Centenary Square. Date started: 15-Oct-11. 100 people
http://www.occupybirmingham.co.uk; twitter .@occupyBhamUK. Appears that the camp moved voluntarily about 3 Nov. Seems to have gone to Rep Theatre behind Broad Street. Status 20 Nov uncertain as not posting messages.

Bristol, Bristol College Green. Date started:17-Oct-11, 150 people
http://occupybristoluk.org (0) 741 513 9464 (valid phone number, no reply to message left) occupybristol@riseup.net; twitter .@occupybristol; attacked by EDL or the like weekend of 19 Nov

Cardiff, Wales, Transport House, Cathedral Road. Date started: 11-Nov-11, 12 people (as of 20 Nov) http://occupycardiff.co.nr , occupycardiff@live.co.uk twitter .@occupyCardiff. Relaunched this weekend after police evicted camp from Cardiff Castle last month.

Edinburgh, Scotland, St. Andrews Square. Date started:14-Oct-11, 400 people http://occupyedinburgh.org, media@occupyedinburgh.org twitter .@occupyedinburgh Still very active weekend of 20 Nov.

Exeter, Cathedral Green. 27 tents
www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Exeter/265157803522652; Seems very active at present 20 Nov. Not currently threatened with eviction.

Glasgow, Scotland, George Square now Kelvingrove Park. Date started:15-Oct-11, 150 people http://www.occupyglasgow.org; 44 (0) 785 057 9846 (valid phone number, no reply to message); occupy_glasgow@hotmail.com; twitter .@weoccupyglasgow. Relaunch 19/11/11, new site will have less difficulty with city

Leeds, West Yorkshire, City Square. Date started: 11-Nov-11, several people http://www.occupyleeds.co.uk 0113 9821016 (no such number) info@occupyleeds.co.uk twitter .@occupy_leeds. Still active

Liverpool, Merseyside, Barclays Bank. Date started: 15 Oct 2011; Plans to reassemble underway according to site; people 200;
http://www.facebook.com/OccupyLiverpool; http://www.occupyliverpool.org ; media@occupyliverpoll.org; twitter .@OccupyLiverpool; no recent articles or posts, difficult to assess activity as of 20 Nov

London, St. Paul’s Cathedral/ Finsbury Square. Date started:15-Oct-11; people 5000 http://occupylsx.org; 44 (0) 845 299 6175; press@occupylsx.org, general@occupylsx.org; twitter .@occupyLSX; Phone number correct, unable to get anyone to talk at this time.

Manchester, Picaddilly Gardens. Date started: 15-Oct-11
http://facebook.com/pages/occupyMCR-Statement-info/ ; http://facebook.com/OccupyMCR; 07842 428 730 (Valid Phone number, no reply to message left) press.occupymcr@gmail.com; twitter .@occupymcr; See below, occupy relaunched

Manchester, Spinningfields. Relaunch 14 -Nov-11; 3 tents
www.manchester.org; 07842 428730 Valid number (no reply to message left); 1st general assembly, earlier occupation ended with problems of litter and bad behaviour.

Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, Earl Grey’s Monument. Date started:15-Oct-11 http://occupynewcastle.org; occupynewcastle@gmail.com; twitter .@occupynewcastle; Attacked by EDL or the like weekend of 30 Oct, few recent articles or social media postings.

Norwich, Norfolk, Haymarket. Date started: 15-Oct-11; 200 people.
http://www.occupynorwich.co.uk; http://occupynorwich.tumblr.com occupynorwich@gmail.com; twitter .@occupynorwich. Seems to be still around 20 Nov

Nottingham, Market Square. Date started:15-Oct-11; 150 people. http://facebook.com/occupy.nottingham?sk=info; occupynottingham@hotmail.co.uk twitter .@occupynotts. Has suffered attacks from EDL or likeness, set for long stay, no plans for eviction.

Plymouth, Devon, Jigsaw Garden, Drake’s Circus. Date started:5-Nov-11 http://occupyplymouth.org; info@occupyplymouth.org; occupyplymouth@hotmail.co.uk; twitter .@occupyPlymouth

Portsmouth, Guildhall Sq. Relaunch 30 Nov 2011 http://www.facebook.com/9NINETNINE9; occupy.portsmouth@yahoo.co.uk; twitter .@ajaydean2008; No more information.

Sheffield, South Yorkshire, Sheffield Cathedral. Date started: 5-Nov-11; 20 tents, 15-20 stay overnight http://www.occupysheffield.org.uk; info@occupysheffield.org.uk; twitter .@occupysheffield; very active, okay to stay till new year.

Exeter, Cathedral Green. Date started: 15-Oct-11; 200 people

Isle of Wight, Maybe virtual?
www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-ISLE-of -Wight/2355337399834769ww.facebook.com/pages/Occup/235533739834769y; ‘virtual’ occupation, no campout.

, South Mall. Date started: 20/10/11
www.facebook.com/occupycork, http://www.occupycork.org/; twitter @OccupyCork ; group still active, unclear whether occupation still happening.

Dublin, Central Bank. 20 tents, 60 people
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Occupy-Dublin/252512194797870; twitter @occupydublin. Bank intends to get injunction tomorrow, Nov 21.

Galway, Eyre Square. Date started: about 20 Oct, 2011; 10 tents, 30 people; www.occupygalway.org; @occupygalway. Group still occupying, will move to corner of square to accommodate Xmas market.

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