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Editorial: How to beat Trump

In the run-up to this year's general election, the UK peace movement must challenge the deep-seated militarism of the entire British political class

Poynted remarks

Does nanny actually know best?

What else

Which tier of society you experience comes down to one thing in modern Britain, argues Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Diary: 'This is my home!'

'The power of personal capital has moved [us] onto step three of our journey of a thousand miles'

In the cracks between

Our new arts columnist takes a look at The Crown

Radical Music: 'L'Amitié'

'Make us live as brothers and forget that we were foes'

Putin’s latest peace feelers

Russia 'ready to make a deal', reports New York Times

Can XR’s surprise success in the Netherlands be repeated elsewhere?

From Waging Nonviolence: how European climate movements are copying a major Dutch civil disobedience victory

Gaza: the UK role

How one British business could stop Israeli jets bombing Gaza

A peace activist is not arrested despite police witnessing her spraypainting a pro-Gaza…

"We cannot help being reminded of the Massacre of the Innocents"

An interview carried out by CIVICUS and published on its website on 3 December 2023, with a…