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Editorial: A direct action university

Milan Rai reflects on the recent Active Resistance to the Roots of War (ARROW) reunion


Where should PN put its creative energies next year?

What else

Things have not gone far enough – not by a long shot, argues Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Diary: 'I call it "the bureaucracy of the revolution"'

'If we don’t take ourselves seriously, why would anyone else?' asks our South Yorkshire-based anarcho-communard


Should campaigners block OpenAI from scraping their websites?

Radical Music: 'A Child of Our Time'

'I walked home in tears after the first two rehearsals because it felt so pertinent'

Jottings of an anarchist book-freak

A classic piece by Dennis Gould

Asylum for COs from Russia, Belarus and Ukraine!

Week of action called for 4 – 10 December

‘Declaration of War’

Dave Dellinger’s militant 1945 manifesto of radical nonviolence

Dave Dellinger

A brief look at the life of the legendary US activist


How to carry out a strategy review in a peace organisation


The birth of Peace House

An extract from an exciting new book

Regime change begins at home

Nottingham exhibition remembers 2003 anti-war actions

Protect Yurii!

Ukrainian pacifist in court for 'absurd' charge

A brief appreciation of long-time peace campaigner Bill Hetherington

More reports from the West Bank by the Israeli-Palestinian peace group The Villages Group