RMT leader calls for general strike if new PM pursues anti-union plans

We need to build a Europe which is a theatre of peace not war, argues Nick Megoran

At least a fifth of the UK population has always been unilateralist

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Editorial: Bruce

Milan Rai remembers a campaigner who was 'human decency turned into a human being'

The tragedy of Boris Johnson’s fall

Johnson was an international criminal, not just a liar, argues Milan Rai

The birth of Seachangewatch

No 4 in our series about tackling SeaChange, a destructive quango in East Sussex  

Beyond the barricades

Ambrose Musiyiwa speaks to Korrine Sky about the plight of African students who were studying in Ukraine

Diary: 'As if we’re fighting for our lives'

Our Leeds co-operator senses a window of opportunity closing

Poynted remarks

Our columnist reflects on US gun culture

Radical music: 'If we go down, we go down together'

'The clocks are turning back now, and everyone must add their voice to the chorus'

Obituary: Bruce Kent: 22 June 1929 – 8 June 2022

Catholic priest who became chair of CND

‘Don’t let the nuclear weapon states hold us hostage!’

A report on the first meeting of states that have ratified the Nuclear Ban Treaty

Yemen: no starvation for oil

It's time for a radical change of course, argues Kathy Kelly

Yemen: hope and hunger

Humanitarian crisis set to worsen despite truce, as British arms sales to Saudi Arabia continue

ICAN – does the ‘I’ stand for ‘imperialist’?

Our campaign to Ban Nuclear Threats continues...

Bruce Kent: On mobilisation

Campaigning wisdom from the heyday of CND, one of Bruce Kent's first pieces in PN

Instead of using its resources to solve world poverty and homelessness at home, the US…

In this online telling of the tale, over twice as long as the article we printed in PN 2660, we…

The Faslane Action for Bomb Ban Camp has led to at least four arrests outside RNAD Coulport, the…

Reject Raytheon AVL, a local anti-militarist campaign group in North Carolina, USA, shut down…