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Editorial: Yemen may be on the verge of peace – it needs our help to stop the wreckers

Don't let the US and Britain wreck the Yemeni-Saudi peace process

Editorial: Free speech

Expulsions are not the answer, argues Milan Rai

Thank you, David!

Our long-standing news editor hangs up his (PN) keyboard

What else

The way propaganda uses language is both insidious and dangerous, says Rebecca Elson-Watkins

Radical Music: 'Senzeni Na?'

'The children are always ours, every single one'

Why I am an anarchist

'It is indeed a feeling that ‘something just ain’t right.’'

Obituary: Pat Arrowsmith: 2 March 1930 – 27 September 2023

'Force of nature' peace campaigner who served eleven prison sentences

Obituary: Bill Hetherington: 25 January 1934 – 5 November 2023

Pacifist imprisoned for 'incitement to disaffection', renowned for his knowledge of peace movement history


A sneak-peak of a new exhibition at The Barbican

Naming the dead

The names of 261 children from Gaza and Israel killed since 7 October


Activists sit-in in Sanders' office over Ukraine stance

Settler terror on the West Bank

Report from an Israeli-Palestinian peace group

Calling for an armistice on Armistice Day

500,000+ march for peace on 11 November

A brief appreciation of long-time peace campaigner Bill Hetherington

More reports from the West Bank by the Israeli-Palestinian peace group The Villages Group