Smash EDO

13 August 2011Feature

Peace News invited the Brighton anti-arms trade group Smash EDO to share thoughts on strategy, tactics and movement building.

The last two years have seen a remarkable development in a new peace movement – the local anti-militarism campaigns. Following a model developed in Brighton back in 2004, people across the country are beginning to focus on the arms dealers and weapons manufacturers in their own backyards.

Lacking a commitment to pacifism or legality, the methods and motives of these new campaigns have been questioned by the older, more established peace movement (not least the co-editor of this…

3 November 2005Comment


Smash EDO!


The campaign against weapons makers EDO MBM, based in Home Farm Road, Brighton, began in spring 2004.


Its objective is to nonviolently close down EDO's arms factory or, alternatively, convert its premises to civilian use. Despite having an arms company in the area Brighton Council receives funds as a “UN Peace Messenger city”.


There have been regular noise protests outside EDO since the campaign began, and several…

1 June 2005News

Campaigners scored a partial victory in the courts at the end of April when an attempt by EDO/MBM Technologies - Brighton's resident arms manufacturer - to create an exclusion zone around its factory, was temporarily thwarted (see PN2461 cover story).