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2 April 2023Comment

PN's editor responds to Labour's former Shadow Chancellor

Image John McDonnell. Image: Rwendland, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Dear John McDonnell,

I’m sure every reader of Peace News is aware that you are a man of principle with an impressive record of standing up for peace and justice – and that your are an outstanding Labour MP.

I’ve read your long, thoughtful statement explaining why you support the British government arming Ukraine.

Putting aside the fundamental…

2 January 2023News

Britain to send Ukraine depleted uranium weapons along with Challenger tanks

Britain is sending uranium weapons to be used in Ukraine. That was revealed in a parliamentary written answer from junior defence minister baroness Annabel Goldie on 20 March, first reported by Declassified UK the next day. 

The advanced Challenger 2 tanks that Britain is exporting to Ukraine will be sent with 

CHARM 3 armour-piercing depleted uranium (DU) rounds, Goldie confirmed.

CND general secretary Kate Hudson responded: ‘Like in Iraq, the addition of depleted…