1 October 2023Comment

Should campaigners block OpenAI from scraping their websites?

The Hollywood writers’ and actors’ strikes are currently at the centre of the fight over artificial intelligence (AI), where US-based writers and actors are trying to stop their work from being replaced by AI systems.

Here at PN, we’re wondering about our own resistance to the new digital overlords.

You may be surprised to hear that AI played a big role at the Global Investigative Journalism Network (GIJN) conference that was taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden, as we…

27 September 2023News in Brief

‘Pentagon’s Budget Is So Bloated That It Needs an AI Program to Navigate It’. That was a recent headline on the US-based investigative website, The Intercept.

Ken Klippenstein reported: ‘Codenamed GAMECHANGER, an AI program helps the military make sense of its own “byzantine” and “tedious” bureaucracy.’

The programme helps the US military navigate its $816.7bn annual budget and the hundreds of revisions and limitations in the budget ‘telling the Pentagon what it can…