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Trump's dangerous gamble with North Korea's bomb

Talk with Peace News editor, and longtime anti-nuclear campaigner and researcher, Milan Rai.

11am - 1pm

11am - 1pm. Satta Hasham room, Leicester Adult Education College, 54 Belvoir Rd, LE1 6QL. More info: 0116 225 0133; or https://www.facebook.com/events/467209077098457/

Donald Trump boasts that he brought North Korea to the negotiating table through "maximum pressure", including reckless threats and sanctions. In fact, the progress that has been made towards disarmament by North Korea has been the result of give-and-take, including 'freeze-for-freeze'. Trump's inconsistent signals, and his refusal to continue step-by-step with a trust building process, are making a worrying situation even more dangerous. North Korea has been repeatedly been threatened with nuclear attack by the United States, stretching back to the Korean War, part of a larger process of nuclear intimidation by the US and Britain.

Organised by Leicester CND.